General Questions from a Novice


Good day,
I have a few questions regarding the MAPL application, I will admit I am quite new to Android and the whole Linux foundation of Android, I am also not a programmer of any sort, I am however curious about encryption of the Android OS/ Mobile Device.
Does MAPL actually encrypt the SD card (or otherwise the storage device on an Android device) making it unreadable without a password?
Can I set up a pre-boot password of some sort?
Also can someone without any programming knowledge integrate MAPL properly?

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MAPL do not encrypt the whole SD card (full disk encryption). MAPL encrypt only files that is write/read to SD card, and only files that is read/write by a "MAPL" Application (with PIN/Password Authentication). 
such encrypted files can not be access by other applications. 
so it is possible to create e.g. a content provider, that store its information secure and encrypted on sd card. 
for the sdcard encryption, you can ask certgate ( about this posibility. 
to integrate MAPL, you should already have a application, and you link your app against mapl lib. this means zero knowledge for cryptography, but some base knowledge for your "own" application.