What is certgate MAPL?

certgate MAPL is an acronym for Mobile Application Protection Layer. It is an easy-to-integrate solution providing advanced levels of security for any mobile application. In case of device loss or even attacks based on device rooting the access to the application with its sensitive data is safely protected. The certgate MAPL library is available free of charge for Android.

How can certgate MAPL help you?

Applications running in their own sandbox on Android meet only basic security demands. In case of device rooting, device loss or malware a more advanced level of security is required. Especially the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend, that is getting embraced by IT and business professionals alike, raises significant security concerns about sensitive corporate data stored on mobile devices. With mobile security risks on the rise this poses a great challenge for application developers taking away their focus from the functionality to the security of their applications.

Which applications can benefit from certgate MAPL?

Every application with sensitive private, customer or corporate data can benefit from certgate MAPL™. The scope includes mobile banking and payment, voice encryption, dedicated enterprise software such as mobile ERP and CRM or any kind of app store amongst others.

Key Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Application execution protection
  • Encryption of application and its data
  • Easy to integrate into any application
  • Support for secure hardware tokens with tamper-proof key stores for improved security
  • Protection of application and data in case of device loss or theft and even against attacks based on device rooting
  • Helps applications to increase compliance with corporate or government security policies
  • Free of charge

For more information about the certgate MAPL project, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.